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Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles

The text of Ritchie's Fabellae Faciles is in the public domain. You can obtain a copy of the book, with notes and vocabulary, from Project Gutenberg: Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles: A First Latin Reader, Edited With Notes and a Vocabulary by Francis Ritchie (edited by John Copeland Kirtland)

The book is no longer in print, but there have been frequent reprints and you can easily find a copy of the book at a used bookseller online. The printed edition of the book contains notes and a complete vocabulary in the back.

You will find segmented versions of the text provided at this website, and there is also an audio recording available. For suggestions on using the audio, check out these Tips on Learning with Latin Audio.

The stories are written in order of increasing difficulty. The Perseus section is the easiest, followed by Hercules, then Jason, and finally Ulixes.

The Fabulae Faciles contain the stories of four mythological heroes:

Perseus: available now! Read how Perseus slays the Medusa Gorgon, then rescues Andromeda from the sea monster, and avenges his mother by turning an evil king into stone, and finally slays his worst enemy... how? Read the story to find out!
Jason and the Argonauts: available now! Read how Jason went in quest of the Golden Fleece, and then defeated the fire-breathing bulls and the warriors born from the dragon's teeth, all with the help of Medea and her magic spells. But all does not end well... find out more!

Hercules: coming soon!

Ulixes (Ulysses): coming soon!


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